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    LOKATOR VENTURES is a Berlin based investment firm with a high quality portfolio.


    Our core value is quality. Every investment decision is based on two questions: Does the new portfolio company bring more quality to industry and can we bring more quality to the idea and company we invest in? Quality will survive lifetime-cycles of trends and the general economic system. Trends pass, quality remains. Our investment decisions and the execution of our approach will answer these two questions - to a 100 %.

    Investment Approach

    So far, we invested in companies at different stages of their evolution. We are invested in a small, but high-quality portfolio. Our co-investors and the teams we invest in benefit from our high-quality approach - every day. We are closely connected to the industries we are in and offer portfolio companies a diversified, but unique network of partners. Our network spans from professional sports athletes and teaching professionals, to tech-engineers, e-commerce traders, mentors and speakers as well as musicians and their managers. Our network is fully reliable, whether we need new special market knowledge, legal and tax advice or marketing and branding skills. Our events and conferences display our skills and dedication.

    Forms of Investment

    Our forms of investments are tailor-made with a sole focus on quality to serve the needs of the teams and companies we invest in. We are very flexible and offer seed- and small-cap venture capital investments. But, we also co-invest in companies at a later stage. Our most successful investments started by helping people and teams on a basis of trust and idea-exchange. We will not copy ideas from others. We want to be part of the team. Once you won our interest and trust, we will push you fast forward to be on top of your industry.

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